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The Pointer Sisters all found a great home!

Honey Honey- shelter favorite now in a wonderful home!
Katya Lidsky began volunteering at the South LA Shelter years ago, and spends most of her time at various city and county shelters. Fluent in Spanish, Katya appears regularly on morning news pet segments for Univision and weekly on CBS2 morning news for their Pets2Love segment.

Katya became a certified dog trainer through the Companion Animal Science Institute, and is now pursuing an advanced degree as a behaviorist, focusing on the needs of shelter and rescue dogs. She has trained dozens of dogs, both private clients and pro-bono for the many rescues groups she regularly volunteers with. Katya credits several wonderful rescue groups and her fellow shelter volunteers for keeping her inspired and motivated.

What gives Katya the most joy is the matchmaking- everybody wins when a family gains a loving companion and a homeless dog gets a happily ever after. Best of all, Katya enjoys meeting these dogs at the shelter, seeing them get a second chance, and then watching them thrive with a loving family.

Katya has a masters degree from Harvard University specializing in working with at-risk communities. She soon learned that the at-risk group she felt most compelled to help was actually four-legged and furry. Katya’s goals are to help dogs and owners live happily together, find creative and innovative ways to help homeless pets, and to help make adoption the only option. Katya works for Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America's largest pet adoption web service with over 10,500 shelters and rescues posting their animals every day. Check out www.adoptapet.com to find your next best friend!



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