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Shelter Shopper offers a unique array of services that bridges the gap between a shelter and your home! This is a free support system for adopters who have rescued their animals from shelters, rescue groups, negative situations, or the streets. Thank you for opening your heart and home. We're here to help support the adoption and keep the family happy!

Initial Consultation
This meeting is dedicated to learning more about you and what kind of dog you're looking for. What is your lifestyle like? What's your idea of a best friend? This is the beginning of finding the best match for you!

Search and Research
This service is what makes Shelter Shopper so unique and special. I will search every shelter and rescue group in order to find your perfect match. After your new furry friend is found, extensive research is done to learn as much as we can about your new match.

Personality Assessment
A recommended personality assessment is conducted with each dog. I evaluate behavior, character, and available history. For example, does the dog get along with children? Other dogs? Cats?

When a possible match has been made, we can schedule a "meet-n-greet" for at the shelter. You will be guided and supported through each step of the adoption process at the shelter, and take your new buddy home soon after the paperwork is complete!

Transition Training
By far, the most crucial step in adopting a new dog. Shelter Shopper will recommend the most suitable dog trainer for you during this sensitive time period. The training focuses on creating a positive transition from the get-go, and preventing any unwanted behaviors from developing. Dogs who have experienced shelter life will have specific needs based on state of mind, breed, age, and specific, unique personality.

Doggie Doula
As your Doggie Doula I will focus on preparing your doggie for a new baby! A specific plan is designed to prepare your pup for the upcoming new addition, and to have a positive relationship with the baby. Participation by the whole family is most effective.

Dog Training
Shelter Shopper offers referrals and contact information for some of L.A.'s best and most professional dog trainers. I am glad to give some support over email and phone as well, in order to help you and your pooch in creating the best relationship possible.

Check-ins and follow ups are done to make sure the adoption is a success, and to answer any questions that you may have - you’re not in this alone!

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