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Pet Store Puppy


Most people don't realize that the same dog you can find at a breeder or pet store can also be found at a shelter or rescue group. Many people also don't realize that mix breeds are often healthier than purebreds, and that both can make for terrific pets.

To the right is a German Shepherd puppy up for adoption at a local shelter. The adoption fee is around $100, which includes spay/neuter expenses, vaccinations, and microchip.

To the left a German Shepherd puppy from a pet store. Cost: $1000 - $2500 JUST for the dog. No vaccinations, no spay/neuter expenses, nothing! Plus most breeding facilities keep their dogs in sub-standard or deplorable living conditions with one focus in mind: profit. These dogs are often sick and have behavioral issues, both of which will add to your doggie expenses.

With Shelter Shopper you'll get matchmaking expertise, transition training from the shelter to the home, and overall support for you and your new dog- all for much less than the pet store dog alone. Plus, best of all, when you adopt you also save a life!

Shelter Puppy

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